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Where can I get my Diesel Generator serviced?

Right here! BUSINESS LAND diesel generator servicing contracts are the most practical and efficent in the market due to our honest, open and straightforward approach. We will work with you to help you to comprehend and budget for the key generator servicing costs, minimising nasty surprises when you need generator repairs and maximising their reliability….

Our highly trained and experienced service engineers are based throughout the Iraq, providing a quick response to call outs 24/7

Our Service:

  • 24 hour cover – 365 days a year

  • A committed Project Manager to guarantee your requirements are understood and responded to rapidly and efficiently.

  • Bi-Annual generator service visit (Major & Minor Services available).

  • Fuel and oil checks.

  • Lubrication system checks.

  • Cooling system checks

  • Control Panel & Instrument checks.

  • Exhaust system checks.

  • Engine electrical system checks.

  • Alternator checks.

  • General Maintenance.

  • Full service documentation, sent immediately after the visit via email.

  • Recommendations for remedial work or generator repairs.

  • A vast range of critical spares in stock and ready to be dispatched the same day if required.

  • All Makes & Models can be dealt with including Caterpillar, Cummins, FG Wilson, MTU, AKSA and many more.

Book A Diesel Generator Service here

Please fill the below form to book a Diesel Generators Maintenance and service.

Maintaining your diesel generator

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