LV and MV Switchgears

Low- Voltage switch boards cover a wide range of switch boards for various purposes. The switch boards are suited for the demanding needs of industries, power plants, and the energy of utilities and various buildings.
BUSINESS LAND LOW-Voltage switch boards are engineered and manufactured in accordance to the customer’s requirements.
In BUSINESS LAND we pay special attention to safety, reliability, ease of installation and usability.
BUSINESS LAND switch boards are manufactured with normal ratings, up to 6300A, with installed feeder sections and bus-coupler arrangements also at your disposal. Alongside that, Bus duct arrangements to transformers or interval panel sections can also be fabricated.

MV Switchgears

BUSINESS LAND manufacturing and supplying MV Switchgears in different used voltages and ranges as per customer inquiry, here below are the types:

1. METAL CLAD SWITCHGEAR PANELS provide the safest, most efficient and reliable substation solutions for all kinds of medium voltage installations in distribution, transmission and generation Networks, like industrial zones, electrical utilities, infrastructures and residential networks. It is the leading product in medium voltage switching product range.
Metal Clad switchgear panels have many advantages over similar products available, and these features has made Euroclad one of the top products on the international medium voltage switchgear market. Its three models with different dimensions and voltage levels provide effective solutions for all global requirements.
Metal Clad switchgear panels are manufactured in compliance with IEC 62271-200, and typetested in international laboratories.
Metal Clad can be used with both SF6 or vacuum circuit breakers. Its unique design allows the customer to use special configurations with components like surge arresters, CTs, PTs, capacitors, contactors and many others. With the compartmented structure of metal clad switchgear, in an event of failure the fault is confined within a certain compartment, which leads to minimum possible maintenance durations and shortest power outages.
Metal Clad switchgear panels are manufactured using the components selected from the brands of the customers choice, and a tailormade solution is offered to the customer according to the requirements of the project and the specifications.
Metal Clad switchgear panels can also be used next to the existing switchgear from other manufacturers with the busbar adaptation kit specially designed and produced.


Designed for high operational reliability and personal safety, they protect your installations and ensure the continuity of your electrical supply.
This range of switchgear offers standardized modular units with load break switches, disconnectors, fuses, circuit breakers and contactors as switching apparatus in simple, easy-to-use, reliable, rugged and cost-effective packages.
Intelligent and simple design of these cubicles result in high production rates, short delivery times, and also easy maintenance and shorter downtimes.

Cubicles are specially designed and manufactured to provide a high level of protection in any event of internal arcing. All operations are carried out from the front side of the panel while the door is closed, and this provides safe working conditions for the operator. Also, the simple interlock mechanisms in the panels that are designed thinking the overall operational sequences create a fool-proof product for your distribution network.

In addition to the standard models, there are also versions of it that have withdrawable circuit breakers available, to offer a solution which fits in between them, for optimized price, dimensions and performance.
Switchgear panels are manufactured in compliance with IEC 62271- 200 and type-tested in international laboratories.

3. SF6 GAS INSULATED RING MAIN UNIT product range of it up to 24kV voltage level. These units with very compact dimensions combine all medium voltage functional system units like disconnector switches, load break switches and circuit breakers to enable supply, connection and protection of line feeders and transformers on a network.

Th range of switchgear panels have very compact dimensions compared to the airinsulated cubicles due to SF6 gas insulation. This leads to easy installation and usage especially in confined spaces like wind power plants, underground applications or facilities with limited space. They also have lower lifetime costs, because of its maintenance-free nature.

The products ensure high operational safety for the operators with interlocks and visible indication of earthing, position, and maneuvers.

It has three different models for different requirements, which are ‘compact’, ‘extensible’ and ‘modular’;
Compact models are standardized packages, built by taking the most common configurations used in worldwide applications into consideration.

Extensible models offer more flexibility to the customer, giving the opportunity to add new panels to the package as their facility requires in time.

Modular type models let the customers freely configure the switchgear package according to their needs.
SF6 gas insulated ring main units ring main units are manufactured in compliance with IEC 62271 and type-tested in international laboratories.

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