GET OVER IT! Bettors are making bank off NHL UNDERS

I understand what you are thinking. “Take an UNDER in an NHL game? I don’t need to be bored to death” After all, rooting for an UNDER is the most exciting bet to make. However, what if I told you that taking just UNDERS from the start of November to the end of January this year would have made you a whole lot of earnings. Could you’re dismissive then?
Well, now that I have your attention, the data speaks for itself. Since November 1, the UNDER has struck in 54.7 percent of all NHL games, putting the UNDER upward 42 matches in that interval. That means if you had bet UNDER for all 589 games in that moment, you’d be $1416.19 in profit and laughing on your bookie’s face.The most noticeable trend you will notice is the proportion of OVERS has fallen below 50 percent every month since October. This might be attributed to lots of factors such as schedule, injuries and the adjustments coaching staffs have made to combat the high-flying teams from the league.
But among the principal reasons is how sportsbooks are adjusting to the curve of increased scoring in the NHL and rarely offering a listed total of 5 targets. In the 2016-17 year, the total of 5 at an NHL game was offered a whopping 540 times whereas this year the total of 5 has been offered just 11 times, with eight of those coming in October.
As a result, the UNDER has become a profitable pick for totals bettors who anticipated this downturn in scoring. Another reason to support the UNDER is that 148 of these 540 games last year were a PUSH. This usually means those games are an UNDER this year as the most common total recorded on sportsbooks this season is 5.5 goals (550 matches and counting).
What does this mean? It means if you are among the bettors who has a negative viewpoint of taking the UNDER, you should shift your attention because while it could be dull, would you rather be tired or bankrupt?

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