Generator Room Sound Attenuating and Installations

An installation by BUSINESS LAND ensures that when you really need your generator to provide a vital electrical supply, it will do so reliably. Simply contact us to arrange your generator installation and we’ll ensure that your new power supply is in place and functioning perfectly. Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, you can count on us.

Our skilled installation team can:-


√ Sound Attenuating for Generator Room.
√ Supplying, Installing and Covering the Walls and the Ceiling with 50mm thick mineral anti-fire wool, and galvanized perforated steel sheet inner skin.
√ Supplying and Installing Attenuators in front of the engine radiators and air intake.
√ Supplying and Installing Louvers for both air intake and air out
√ Excavate required cable trenches
√ Create groundwork and all foundations
√ Deliver the generator to site
√  Install and test the complete system
√ Provide all operation manuals and wiring diagrams
√ Train personnel in the safe operation of the system
√ Leave you with a fully operational generator

All manner of generator installations can be undertaken. Large projects including High Voltage mains integration and building management (BMS) integration to remote installations for Telecoms towers, off-shore operations and remote site locations.

Industrial and domestic installations may include:-
√ Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
√  HV & LV Fused and switched mains distribution boards
√  HV transformer and mains change-over systems
√  Fuel, gas and liquid pipes and pump systems
√  BMS alarms and warnings integration including high/low
√ Fuel warnings, security breach and fire warnings
√  Fire-wire drop valve
√ Fuel safety dump with duplex pumping options
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