Business Land has one of the most effective generator maintenance center in the country.
Our 24/7 response has been ranked as one of the best in Iraq. With over 500 satisfied customers, we’ve gained ample experience in fulfilling each customer’s unique needs.

Although we have various customized maintenance packages, the following highlights come as standard:


24 / 7 Emergency Response 

We operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week, all year long. All you have to do is call and we’ll come to your rescue in no time.

Free Routine Checks

Our teams will be visiting your generator(s) on a routine basis. This enables us to monitor its performance, detect problems at an early stage, as well as ensure that the genset is serviced on time.

Free GenWash

We operate several mobile Gen-Wash stations fully equipped with steam washers, and other cleaning instruments. We will visit your generator at least once a month and perform a general cleaning exercise essential to your machine.

Highly skilled and experienced engineers

Changing certain parts at the right time can prevent very costly breakdowns. We’ll make sure you get continuous updates based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

VIP Treatment

With Business Land’s maintenance package, you’re always a VIP. Our support officers have been extensively trained to attend to your every request. Still not satisfied? Just dial any of our escalation numbers for a serious shake up. We have developed our maintenance service center to include a wider scope of maintenance operations and services. On-site support and technical training is available for clients in the Middle East & Africa.